Wednesday Night Open Thread

I didn’t watch the State of the Union address the other night. I had to do something important, like hunt Pokemon or something. But, I knew I’d be able to catch the highlights later.

[The YouTube]

So, what’s been on your mind? Got something you’d like to talk about? It’s Wednesday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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Little Late. My World Ended Back in 2015

Harrison Ford is now offering apocalyptic climate warnings about “worldwide destruction“.

Very helpful. Where was he on the warnings before that Episode VII garbagefest?

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Somebody Send This to AOC

[How To Sound Smart] (Viewer #835,100)

Another way to sound smart: describe someone’s speech in terms of the rhetorical devices it uses.

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Link of the Day: If Christian Terrorists Were Real

[High Praise! to The Babylon Bee]

Extremist Pastor Attacks Cafe With Super Soaker, Dozens Baptized

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Trump Truths: Taxes

President Trump said he wasn’t worried if liberal House members got ahold of his tax returns, since having Democrats check your math is like having hens guard the fox house.

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Extending the Metaphor

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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Straight Line of the Day: At His Rally in El Paso, President Trump Opened the Show by…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

At his rally in El Paso, President Trump opened the show by…

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The Illustrated zzyzx: Slight Disconnect


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Random Thoughts: Unwilling to Work and Anti-Semitism

Realistically, what percentage of journalists could learn to code?

I keep hearing because the right called everything socialism, eventually socialism became more popular. Did the same thing happen with the left calling everyone nazis and racists?
Socialism, nazism, and racism are all very very bad things. Open a book!

next in line for governor goes to address
“I’d like us to put this ugly episode behind…”
notices everyone is staring at him
“Uh oh. I’m still wearing my Nick Fury costume, aren’t I?”

Why is there that trope of a cowboy riding off into the sunset? That’s dumb. He’s not going to get very far since it’s going to be dark soon. Stay where you are, get a good night’s sleep, and ride out at sunrise. Not as dramatic, but much smarter.

I said years ago that Elizabeth Warren struck me as the biggest phony since John Edwards. I don’t know how people don’t see this.
And you have to really be blatant to be an exceptional phony for a politician.

I’m just going to get this out there in case there is recording of it somewhere: Back in the 80s, I used the word “oriental.” I deeply regret this and apologize.

Democrats are in this weird position now where showing a normal human reaction to infanticide is seen as a betrayal to the abortion movement.

“Jennifer Rubin is attacking Trump and the Republicans again.”
“Isn’t that the 80 millionth time in a row? Dog bites man. Who cares?”
“What if we headline it as ‘Conservative Columnist Shreds Trump’.”
“Will people still fall for that?”

Watched the 1st episode of Punisher season 2, and in it Castle savagely beats up a few women. That something about gender politics that still confuses me. Is it misogynist because he was so much bigger than them or feminist because he was treating them the same way he would a man?

Cool. A giant government program to solve everything. Like with drugs, poverty, and health care.

I never in my life worried about starving, but if the government took over farms as part of guaranteeing everyone has food, I would start worrying.

If you have some vision to revamp society, the wrong way to go about it is some big government program.
“Think of all we can accomplish if we can just fine and imprison people who don’t share our vision!”

This is like a parody of the left. “We need to raise your taxes to pay for people who just don’t feel like working.”

I can’t fathom the purpose of the Green New Deal other than to make things like “We’re going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it!” sound like a serious, well thought out policy proposal in comparison.

I want to be the first to start the conspiracy theory that AOC is working for Trump.

The right doesn’t take climate change seriously because the left doesn’t take it seriously. The GND could have made concessions to the right in order to win them over; instead, it was a laundry list of everything the left wants whether it has to do with the environment or not.

Is the plural in #BelieveWomen important? Because as soon as there are two credible allegations, I tend to toss all benefit of the doubt out the window.

“Climate change is a huge threat that could kill us all in twelve years so I want to make sure people unwilling to work get free money.”
Judging by actions, almost no one believes in climate change.

The FAQ exposed the creators of the Green New Deal as terminally unserious, so now we have AOC (and some journalists?) pretending it never existed?
This does seem like the place where useful journalists would come in and clarify the facts (Did AOC post that language?), but instead many just seem to be throwing up more smoke screen.
This is why Trump’s attacks on the press resonates. Sometimes they actively fight people knowing things when it hurts their cause. In certain areas, people would actually know more without them.

The government is full of terrible, terrible idiots with big plans to change everything and the only thing that saves us is a system that makes it really hard to get anything done.

Didn’t the Grammys lose all legitimacy after Hillary Clinton won one?

When I first saw an image of the Will Smith genie, I thought it was a quickly made photoshop joke.

The real enemy of the people is anyone who tries to convince you a particular politician isn’t terrible.

There should be a political party for people who don’t think the biggest problem facing this country is illegal immigrants or Jews.

Considering the number of people who find bigotry in everything on the right but are silent about Ilhan Omar, is there a hearing condition where you can hear dog whistles but not regular whistles?

pitching movies at Disney
“How about we take this–” grabs random Disney property “–and make it live action!”

“How about a live action version of… uh… 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!”
“That already was live action.”
“What am I? A film historian?”
“Yeah, let’s go ahead and do it.”

Sometimes the issue isn’t whether the criticisms are legitimate but whether people only ever bring up those criticisms when Jews are involved.

You think she’ll make it to the end of the week without saying something anti-Semitic again?

3yo holds up empty plate “Look!”
“Good job. You can have a piece of candy.”
later finds food dumped on the table
A few days ago, we were laughing because she was hiding behind a curtain for no reason (she loves hide and seek, but no game was announced). A half hour later, we still saw her feet sticking out of the curtain. Ends up she was back there with a jar of candy she stole from pantry.

If the world were ending tomorrow, the NYT headline would be “World Ending; Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.” …unless the world ending was the fault of a Democrat. Then the headline would be “Republicans Pounce.”

The mistake was the people behind the GND being so terminally stupid they thought paying for people “unwilling to work” would be popular. Now they have to pretend they never meant to say that.

All Democrats want to do is save the environment and hate the Jews, and all Republicans want is to build a wall. I don’t know if the two will ever see eye to eye.
I think it’s all up to the president to craft one really great tweet that will bring everyone together.

What we need as a nation is giant robots to crush our enemies. I’m not really sure who our enemies are these days (it’s not my job to follow foreign affairs), but I know the compassionate/green way to deal with them is to stomp on them with massive metal feet.

Know what could be a hit now? Something like that stupid hippie “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign” song but about walls.

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Yes! Punish All the Crimes!

Democrat Senator and presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren hinted that President Trump may be going to jail, saying he “may not be a free person” by 2020.

Oh? Why? Did they find Trump’s personal bathroom email server?

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Tuesday Night Open Thread

Old songs are the best.

[The YouTube]

What’s been on your mind? Got something you’d like to share? A topic to discuss? It’s Tuesday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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These People Lack Vision

Jeff Bezos claims the National Enquirer threatened to expose compromising photos of him to try to get him to stop a Washington Post investigation.

Idiots. If I’d have had dirt on Bezos, I’d have made him cut the price on my Amazon Prime subscription.

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Slower Than an Atom at -273 Degrees C

[Unbreakable Pitch Meeting] (Viewer #245,026)

I really liked this movie, but the man in not wrong about how long this thing would be if you fixed the pacing.

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Link of the Day: Well Said, Although John Galt May Have Said It Better

[High Praise! to Townhall]

(Note: Some mild cussing)
How About A Red, White And Blue New Deal?

[title reference link]

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Trump Truths: Compromise

President Trump floated an innovative shutdown-avoiding compromise – giving the Democrats a new cash-for-clunkers program, where you can only trade in your vehicle at the Mexican Border. And only if you’re driving a 20-foot-high section of wall.

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